Building stronger relationships

In the midst of work, bills, and all the things that life throws your way, it’s sometimes hard to remember to take time to acknowledge family, friends or co-workers­­. Having strong relationships with the ones who are close to you is vital to your mental health and your business. Whether it’s your family, friends, co-workers, employees or your client its important to establish trust. Second only to trust is respect. Once either of these elements are lost they are very difficult to reestablish so it is of utmost importance to always take care and protect the trust and respect created in any relationship. Taking the time to understanding how another individual is feeling will help maintain almost any relationship that you find yourself in.

Relationships in the work place can be tricky sometimes. You may have disagreements with your boss or coworkers and effective communications might not be very well established. Considering most people spend 40+ hours at work each week, that’s a significant amount of time spent alongside your coworkers. Creating a positive work environment is very important to your employees, the company and impact your customer’s experience. Try to think about your job or business as a community where people come together to share ideas, add value to the customer, and achieve business goals. When you consider the feelings of the people around you, strive to develop trust, respect others and increase communication, others will love to work with you because you are showing you value the relationship.

 If you find yourself looking at your calendar wondering when the last time you met your best friend for coffee or lunch then you probably need to get out of your house, or desk chair. Keeping in touch with your friends shows them that you care about them and the relationship. A good friend listens to their friend’s dilemmas, accomplishments, and ramblings. Treating others how you would like to be treated is usually the key to a good relationship with anyone. Tell them how much you appreciate them as a friend. Even just shooting them a text or an email to see how they’re doing two times a week is a good habit to have. You could even keep up with them via social media. 

How do you build stronger relationships?

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