How to be sure that a potential employer received your application.

Now that you have applied for a position at your desired company, how will you know if the employer has received the application? Contacting the company before they contact you can show initiative and can make you stand out from other applicants. Contact via phone or email are equally acceptable, however in some instances you may not have an email address for a specific contact person. In that case, calling may be more effective.

Many individuals feel more comfortable with sending an email to the employer rather than calling. You can often find an email address located on the business card, job listing, or even on the company’s website. An email that would be appropriate to send would be:

Hello, (Employers Name).

“I recently applied for (Position) on (Date Applied) through (method of application), and I am emailing to request confirmation you have received my application. Also, I would be more than happy to provide references or answer any additional questions that you may have for me.


(Your Name Here)”

If sending an Email isn’t the route you would like to take, a phone call would also be suitable. A contact telephone number should be on their business card, job listing, or somewhere on the Contact tab of the company’s website. When calling without a specific contact in mind, ask for the human resources department, as they would likely be the first to receive your application.  There’s a chance that they may not answer the phone when you call so be prepared to leave a voice mail with your first and last name, the date you called, why you are calling, and the best phone number to contact you. Additionally, consider repeating your name and number at the end of the message, this will allow the recipient a chance to check spelling and numbers without having to rewind the recording. However, if they do answer your call, you should speak clearly and professionally and say:

“Hello my name is (Your name), I’m calling because I applied for (Position) on (Date Applied) and I wanted to confirm that you have received my application”

Try not to be disappointed if they turn you down after looking over your application. You never know what specific qualities or skills a company is looking for. You may not be the right fit at their company now, but something may open up in the future, so be optimistic even if you didn’t end up getting the position.

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