Overcoming Your Fears.

Everyone has something that they’re afraid of, It could be deep water, the dark, or even social gatherings. Fear holds us back from growing to our full potential. Everyone can also overcome any fear that they may have. Before you can overcome them, you need to know what exactly it is that you’re afraid of. No one likes to have a “what if” mind. It’s time to start facing your fears so you can become the person you strive to be.

     “Fear is the boundary between you and your dreams”-Anurag Prakash Ray.  The first step to facing your fears is to identify them. How do you react to it? What thoughts lead you to have these fears? The majority of the populations fears are non-physical. For example, Fear of public speaking, rejection, humiliation, and failure. Sometime these situations are inescapable and hard to overcome. There are CEO’s and even Lawyers who are nervous speaking to a large room of people. But they have to face these fears head on or they’ll never be successful in their careers. When you0 start to feel nervous about a situation turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. People tend to focus on the negative possibilities or outcomes, overanalyzing can be stressful.

     “A mind focused on doubt and fear cannot focus on the journey to victory”-Mike Jones. Sometimes talking to someone about your fears can really help you overcome them. Once you start overcoming your worst fear, the possibilities for success are endless. Don’t let fear take over your decisions and how you would like to live your life. Live fear free and accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish but couldn’t because of fear.


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